Massage: A Runner’s Guide to the Finish Line

Massage: A Runner’s Guide to the Finish Line

Runners in Chicago who train for marathons know they need to have periods of low volume and absolute rest. Success with crossing the finish line happy and healthy depends upon it.

Rest days exist to ensure top athletic condition on event day, reduce acute injuries during training, and delay age-related joint degeneration after you hang up the laces. Runner’s Knee, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Stress Fractures, and Achilles Tendonitis are common complaints among runners. These conditions are also the most preventable, if you add a dash of myo-maintenance to your training schedule.

Just like you’d invest in the right shoe, investing your time on a massage table regularly during rest days allows you to return to training with less recovery time, and assist with your efforts to perform at your personal best.

Massage Throughout Training…Because, Science!

In both strength and cardiovascular training, muscles only gain size and power by having gone through the recovery process. The inherent nature of any training program causes the tissues to sustain tiny “micro-tears,” which eventually repair themselves as a stronger and healthier version than before the trauma to the muscle fibers. If there’s not enough rest before it’s broken down again, then a counterproductive blend of inflammation, loss of strength, and injuries to both muscle and bone can occur, which can potentially alter running capabilities permanently.

Imagine you’re driving down a highway. Is it wise to rely solely on the guard rails to steer your car? Of course not! Over time, and without maintenance, those rails are sure to fail. When runners lack the muscular development to control the impact of their stride, the connective tissue of the tendons and ligaments pick up the slack. This compensation for lack of control will eventually cause your connective tissues to fail as well.

Massage helps to accelerate the recovery process due to the innate healing properties in your own blood. Since massage increases circulation, it then facilitates the healing of soft-tissue injuries; this natural process allows you to return to your training feeling stronger, much faster.

We want to help every runner in Chicago reach their training goals by being there from start to finish line, and beyond. Ask our massage team how we can assist you in this journey.

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