Great Massage Therapist!

Leslie Walter is a credit to her industry. As a long time massage client, I have a lot to compare her to. Leslie takes an active interest every appointment and makes sure to understand what the key issues are for every treatment. As a runner herself she recognizes the needs of other runners and focuses on those areas. My nearly weekly appointment with Leslie is a highlight…. I highly recommend her!
– John C.

A First-Rate Massage

I have been getting regular massages from Leslie for more than a year now. I consider her to be one of the best massage therapist I know. She is totally professional in her knowledge of bodywork. She listens intently to my physical complaints both before and during the massage, and thoroughly addresses each one. Her energy is soothing, relaxing, and the music she plays during massage is fantastic! Massages from Leslie increase my well-being and improve my health. You should get one!
– Laura M.


Excellent Massage Therapist

Leslie is very attentive–she asks for input as she’s working on me and uses that information to target problem areas. She gives a great deep tissue massage, knows how to release trigger points, and knows how to do active stretching. I highly recommend her!
– Maureen E.


The best!

Leslie is the best I know, I have been with her for about 8 months, she makes you relaxed, she seems to know what your body needs, she is very professional in her knowledge of what you need. I feel great after her massage, she is a great person I plan on getting many more massages. I would Recommend her for anyone that serious about their health.
– Eddie Palmer


Great massage!

I have been receiving massage from Leslie for 2 years and she is absolutely amazing! Not only does she give a great massage, but she comes to my house (sometimes with short notice) and gives me a new experience each time. She can pin-point my problem areas, and leave me feeling like a million bucks! I highly recommend her services and can’t wait until I get to see her again!
– Debbie Huckeba